New-to-World Pink Fluorocarbon Tippet – Moldy Chum


Umpqua’s new Deceiver HD Pink Massive Recreation Fluorocarbon Tippet affords all the benefits of a premium fluorocarbon however goes a step past with regards to sub-surface invisibility. Crimson is the primary coloration within the water column to vanish, and pink is the lightest shade of crimson, making it fall out the quickest. As well as, when customary fluorocarbon will get abraded or nicked, the defect illuminates clearly underwater. The distinctive pink additive vastly reduces this downside, including to invisibility. When the presentation is paramount, and you want to have the sting, assume Pink with Umpqua’s all-new Pink Massive Recreation Fluorocarbon Tippet, obtainable in 8lb- 40lb.

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