Pro Tips: Keep Your Rod Level When Reaching Over Currents


Right: Maintain your rod stage with the water to make sure you keep prepared for a fast, highly effective hookset.
All pictures by Evan Jones

One of many harder eventualities anglers face when making an attempt to get a drag-free drift is coping with quick water between you and your goal. There are mainly two choices: both throw an enormous upstream mend, or raise as a lot of your line off the floor as attainable and attempt to attain out over the quick present along with your rod. Most anglers desire to raise the rod–it’s each simpler and extra constant than making an attempt to fix–however even then, your method issues greater than you may think.  

When lifting your line over a present seam, ensure that your rod stays parallel to the water’s floor always. This can guarantee you may have loads of room to carry out a correct hook set if you get a chew. Many anglers solely raise the tip of the, holding the rod at a roughly 45-degree angle consequently. As a result of the tip of the rod is already so excessive, there may be significantly much less room to set the hook, leading to a lack of energy and accuracy. 

Incorrect: lifting solely the tip and holding the rod at an angle leads to less-consistent hooksets.

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