There are few extra maddening conditions in fly fishing than watching fish gorge themselves proper in entrance you however being unable to catch them as a result of you possibly can’t see your fly. (And for you whippersnappers* who can now spy a Trico spinner at 60 toes: relaxation assured that such acuity gained’t final endlessly.) The frustration of fishing blind can take all of the enjoyable out of standing earlier than a pod of feeding fish.

The best answer is to make use of an indicator fly, one which contrasts with the water you’re fishing. If there are lots of white bubbles and glare, maybe one thing with a black wing will stand out. At nightfall, a White Cahill is fairly simple to see. I additionally tie particular indicator patterns, parachute-style or Comparadun-style, with wings of fluorescent orange, pink, and chartreuse—like this one. Not solely do these flies stand out in opposition to the water or any bubbles and particles, however additionally they entice an occasional fish on the lookout for a change of tempo from the naturals floating by.

Tie your indicator sample to the tip of the tippet, and fish the extra imitative fly on an 18- to 24-inch dropper. As soon as your solid has landed, you should utilize the indicator fly to find the approximate place of your smaller imitation. While you see an increase close to your indicator fly, set the hook. Generally, you’ll provide you with nothing, however you’ll be fast on the draw if a fish does eats your tiny dropper fly. If the fish are putting laborious, your indicator fly would possibly even go underneath, making it even simpler to detect a strike.

So the subsequent time all of the fish need is a dimension 22 BWO or a Trico spinner, drop that invisible fly off one thing you possibly can see. It could actually make all of the distinction.

* PS: Get off my garden!


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