Having the ability to constantly see fish–earlier than they see you–is among the most underrated abilities in fly-fishing. Many anglers mistakenly give all of the credit score to high quality sun shades or younger eyes, however finally recognizing fish is extra usually the results of practiced method than good tools.

On this video from Tactical Fly Fisher, Devin Olsen offers 12 suggestions to enhance your sight-fishing success. He covers each step of the method alongside the way in which: learn how to spot fish, learn how to method a fish you’ve noticed, and even particular methods to forged at it. Every tip is printed under, together with a timestamp displaying when it begins, should you want to skip round.

  • Use shade variations to identify fish (1:11)
  • Focus your recognizing efforts (2:01)
  • Use a darkish background to chop floor glare (2:40)
  • Put the solar behind you (3:24)
  • Spot from a excessive vantage level (3:53)
  • Look forward to “home windows” in turbulent present (4:41)
  • Take turns fishing and being a spotter (5:38)
  • Stalk fish like a heron (6:12)
  • Get as shut as you’ll be able to (7:23)
  • Be keen to re-rig for every fish (8:20)
  • Make a “measurement” forged first (9:19)
  • Use a attain forged (10:16)


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