Video Pro Tips: How to Keep a Hopper in the Strike Zone


Once you’re casting a hopper sample to a grassy financial institution, you’ll ultimately forged a bit lengthy and cling up within the grass. On this scenario, most anglers do the improper factor: With a excessive rod tip, they yank upward on the fly, pulling it again towards the angler and off the financial institution. The issue right here is that, in the event you’re in a drift boat, you’ve now missed that trout lie.

On this video, Joe Rotter from Red’s Fly Shop demonstrates a greater technique to cope with a hung-up hopper. As an alternative of yanking the hopper into the air, put your rod tip within the water and make a brief, arduous strip. This may pull the fly off the grass, however hold it near the financial institution. As soon as the fly bobs to the floor, you’re fishing once more, with out having to recast. Plus, don’t be shocked if an enormous trout hammers the bug underwater!

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